The activities

The project actions and results are the following:

– Mapping research on situation/strategies/support institutions and specialists/best practices of the genetic consultancy/oncogenetics at Central and East European level

– Profile of the specialists of the multidisciplinary consulting group in oncogenetics

– Training guide for advanced high-specialized intervention in oncogenetics

– Open Online Course on Oncogenetics

– HOPE Mobile APP (iOS & Android) – predict & keep informed on the risk of cancer

– Chart on Oncogenetics standards and procedures for medical institutions

– From a past of illness towards a future of health – Guides, informative and multimedia materials to raise awareness of patients and families with a history of hereditary or familiar cancer on the importance of undergoing risk assessment through appropriate procedures

– Multiplier events in 4 countries: New frontiers in dealing with cancer – HOPE – How Oncogenetics Predicts & Educates

– International trainings with medical specialists on advanced oncogenetics

Summing up the project activities/products, HOPE project is innovative through the following aspects:

– three-dimensional addressability – multidisciplinary consultancy groups of medical specialists, general medical specialists and family doctors, patients and their families at risk of hereditary or familial cancer

– training on advanced high-specialized intervention in oncogenetics

– creation of open online course in the field of oncogenetics – software and mobile phone applications – for supporting the friendly access of specialists and patients, family members to tools for cancer risk informing and screening